“I highly recommend her.” 

I had a mastectomy 18 months ago and recently completed the reconstruction process. Although I’m happy with the surgical result, the multiple surgeries and the implants have impacted my body in a number of ways, and bodywork has been necessary to regain my range of motion, restore alignment, and resolve residual pain.

I’ve received fairly regular bodywork from different practitioners at different times but this is rather sensitive and intimate work. I specifically went to Karin Pine to help me with this aspect of my rehabilitation for two reasons: her knowledge of anatomy and skilful technique, and her sensitivity to boundaries and ability to create a safe and respectful situation.

Karin has many years of experience with bodies and with the people who live in them. She understood the side effects of my surgeries and skillfully and quickly addressed them. She helped me to understand the process and she treated me with respect throughout all phases of our work together. I highly recommend her to other women in my situation who want a fuller recovery.

-Dr. Catherine Sve

“I was ready to give up windsurfing from the pain in my shoulder and elbow. Karin Pine fixed it in two visits.”

 5 of 5 stars. I came back to Tecopa Hot Springs massage to see if Karin Pine could fix the pain in my shoulder and elbow. I thought it was a muscle disease and I would have to give up windsurfing. Karin fixed it in two visits but she did recommend that I give up splitting 6 cords of wood. I'm going to use a wood splitter from now on. What relief!


“Rare professional - 5 stars!”

I called Karin night before I was in Tecopa to get massage relief for painful sciatica which was not helped by plane flight from east coast. I had read reviews about her on Tripadvisor. She was fully booked but squeezed me into schedule anyway after telling me to soak in local hot springs and that's what I did.

I've had many other massages over the years but none like hers. First of all, she is a genuine fascia release therapist unlike others who just call themselves that. It was a deep massage and I genuinely felt she cared about my welfare- in other words, I wasn't just another body.

The next day on the flight home I noticed that I could fully swivel my neck- something I hadn't been able to do for years. My whole body felt lighter and looser. I only wish I could have gotten in a few more sessions.

She is a real gem to be found anywhere, let alone Tecopa.Healers like her are not found everyday. So highly recommend her.



“Totally Life-Changing Massage For Broken Bodies”

I found myself in Death Valley, and had Karin Pine recommended by someone I met on my travels. I have had long-term pain in my right arm, and it was suggested that Karin might be able to sort it out. So I thought I'd give it a whirl, while I was in Tecopa to go to the Hot Springs. Well... It's only changed my life. I ended up coming back for another session the next day - and have returned back to London a completely different me. I now have complete mobility in my arm, and am pain free. She specialises in something called fascia therapy, and she says most of her clients are people with structural pain in their body.

All I know is that after years of trying many, many different types of massage and therapy, none of them have come even close to relieving the pain like these sessions. I would have paid for the ticket to Death Valley just to go to Karin had I known that she was out there. 

I wish I'd known about her sooner. Which is exactly why I'm writing this post. I'm wanting to let other people know that there is pain relief out there... Sure it's in the desert. But it's 100% worth the trip. Visited April 2015.


You Owe Yourself 5-stars!"

One of the most healing experiences you can gift yourself with- long lasting deep healing relief.  Of the many providers I have turned to for relief from back and neck pain and joint stiffness over the last 30 years, this is the best!  After serious injury from a car wreck, I am very cautious with accepting treatment.  This worked every time.

- Jennifer V.



Very relaxing and pain was gone in one treatment.I was visiting from Norway based on recommendation and it is a very professional and relaxing environment, the massage relieved the pain in my hips where I have a rupture. So I can warmly recommend a treatment from Karin.


“The best fascia expert lives in Tecopa”

5 of 5 stars. Fascia is often talked about as the source of much body pain but none of the many body workers I encountered seem to know how to treat it. I heard about Karin Pine at a four day event where she was fully booked the first morning.

My wife and I then decided to adjust our vacation in California to go through Tecopa (also an opportunity to visit Death Valley). It was well worth it. I had 3 treatments with Karin and we were able to follow the fascia lines to the source of a long time shoulder pain into the neck, the arm and the cranium. It was the first time I felt someone knew exactly what to do and where to go. I could feel the releases happen progressively and at one point the long term tension and pain had simply disappeared. Visited September 2015.




Loved by guests from all over the world