Unique To Karin Pine Is Her Undoing Bodywork.  It Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Felt Before.  Most Important, It Is Effective. 


The Undoing Retreat Is A Transformational Full-Immersion Experience Which Combines Talk Therapy, Intensive Bodywork, Nutrition For Mind As Well As Soul, Soaks In Hot Springs And Sky Gazing, Orchestrated And Facilitated, One-On-One, By Karin Pine, The Undoer.

“Just Tell Me What Hurts.  I’ve Been Developing A New Way To Fix It.” - Karin Pine

"Whenever we are in the area, we stop in for a therapeutic massage.  She has helped my husband with his shoulder and me with my sciatica.  She is a true healer.  We only get here once a year and each time she gets far more dramatic results than our local massage therapists."