Fifteen years ago, Karin made a big discovery with her massage clientele. If they soaked in the hot springs, then came to her table, she was able to feel something extraordinary under their skin - the fascial sheath. Karin realized that all body restrictions were caused by adhesions in the fascial sheath. She set about freeing them. Her first breakthrough came with a client who had been unable to turn her neck for more than half her life. Suddenly, in Karin's hands, something twanged in the neck. For the first time in years, her client looked over her shoulder and said 'my god! what was that!?' Karin has since developed a kinesiological system to track, identify and release fascial restriction. Sciatica, whiplash, rotator cuff injury, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, arthritis, strains, spasms, migraines, stress tension and stiffness and a variety of acute and chronic pain have all disappeared on Karin's table. So successfully, that today clients come from as far away as the East Coast and Europe for Undoing Bodywork.